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Easily Track Your Suppliers' GST Filings. Eliminate GST Input Tax Credit Mismatches.

Leverage the power of KYSS to Track, Assess & Manage Suppliers Better.

Hard Data Real Intelligence

KYSS stands for Know Your Supplier Score. It has analyzed the data over 3 million small businesses in India. Data related to GST, transactions, payments, and other mandatory filings to score suppliers. It delivers superior intelligence and actionable insights about New & Existing suppliers.

Tracking Filing Patterns

KYSS looks for patterns in data. Consider GST filings. It analyses past filing history to help you understand a Supplier's adherence to filing deadlines. How many times and how frequently have suppliers have missed filing deadlines. KYSS has all the answers ready.

Business Trends

With over 3 million small businesses analyzed, KYSS helps you understand your suppliers' business trends intimately. It will give a comprehensive view of your supplier's monthly inward purchases, outward supplies, monthly business turnover, etc.

Real-Time Monitoring

Timely health check of Suppliers is now an essential KRA for Finance leaders. KYSS plays a pivotal role in helping you identify Suppliers that need immediate help before it is too late. Spot trouble early on. Prevent business disruptions with actionable intelligence.

Did You Ask

Why KYSS ?

Credible suppliers are critical to your success. Keeping the right ones in good stead and eliminating the wrong ones is key to business resilience. Data-driven insights from KYSS and timely intervention mean you are proactively removing gaps in the supplier base.

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KYSS stands for Know Your Supplier Score. It helps you understand your suppliers better. It takes data from multiple sources such as GSTN, analyses it, and gives your suppliers a score.
Absolutely. KYSS is for a team that deals with more than 300 suppliers. KYSS is remarkable at collecting and analyzing large amounts of data for a big supplier network. It is a real savior if you have more than 300 suppliers.
Reports from KYSS are precise and actionable. For example, taking GST data into account, KYSS gives you a comprehensive analysis of monthly filing status, delay patterns, number of times delayed, etc.
The time it takes is dependent on the number of suppliers you have. A report for a supplier network of 500 takes less than 15 mins. For a bigger supplier base running into a few thousands may require an hour or so.
KYSS requires no new set-up or installation. It is a SaaS product. You can access KYSS through one of the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari.
We are now signing up customers for our early access program. If you wish to try KYSS to get deep insights about your Supplier base, please register here, and we will extend an invite to the program.